Is the challenge too big?

During our weekly class discussion this week I started thinking of why non-profits don’t use digital storytelling more to sell the charity. My initial thought was because of the cost of creating the video because they would need someone to produce it, someone to film it, someone to write it, and actors. But the more I thought about it, I’m not sure this is really the case. Yes, you need to have an idea of what and how you want to share your story. You need to have good equipment to film it and someone who will keep it moving and put it together, but it doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

One of the biggest challenges is figuring out where to focus your story. Do you focus on one person or focus on the community or event? Write down your thought and talk to others about what makes sense. Check out the various programs available to create videos and then make sure you have the necessary tools to make your video happen.

Don’t worry about having professional actors as selling your organization can happen by people who are passionate about it and want to support the cause. Set a timeline for your project and go to work. Connect with students at the local university who are working in film or digital marketing and ask them help out with the project. It gives them experience and allows you access to a different audience.

Will it be easy? Maybe not, but it is doable. I’m linking this post to an article I found called “How to create a polished, powerful digital story for yourself or your nonprofit.” Take a look and get some great tips about creating a video that fits your needs. Also check out Charity: Water’s digital storytelling. It’s a great example of how a non-profit can make digital storytelling work!

Blog 7

What do you think would be the biggest challenge for non-profits in creating digital stories? How could they overcome the challenge?



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