2 thoughts on “Words, Words and More Words

  1. Hi Pam!

    You’ve given a lot of thought to this week’s assignment and have surfaced good questions and issues for the ever-changing subject of SEO!

    Without having any access to any detailed search keyword stats for Kroger specifically, or other grocer(y) retailers, we were at a disadvantage for understanding how our keyword, and keyword phrases, might be used at the national target market level. Whether its synonym’s or word spelling variations, keyword optimization is something of an art rather than a science.

    For example, when I tried a search for “grocer” I did get a search prompt asking me if I meant to search for “grocery” so I have the sense that more broadly, search engines see grocer/grocery as variations of the same description. I do think in general, keywords and their long-tailed cousins are still an important aspect of SEO. For example, brand and product names are still vital, and depending on the industry, other category terms as well.

    Like most things today, there will be “hot topics” or “trending” terms that have a temporary significance that would warrant SEO optimization for those entities that rely heavily on search engine lead-generation.


    1. Thank you for your comments. You are probably right about the variations of the same word. My original searches however did not prompt me with the different word. There seems to be no consistency with search engines so I wonder if it is possible for any business to reach true SEO. This is a confusing and interesting situation for marketers to work on and try to overcome.



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